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Once you purchase my binder, you will be able to see why it work so well. My binder is filled with everything you need to eat clean effortless. It is delivered in an easy format that includes 85 pages that you can print out* or read on any device.

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*for printing it is recommended to open the ebook in Adobe reader as it is a PDF file and set up the printing size to US letter 8.5″ x 11″

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Meal Plan

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It has never been so simple to eat healthy and lose weight by making your own meals.

This version printed beautifully. I love my clean eating binder. Yours is the first website I've seen that uses normal, everyday, ordinary food that I have in my cupboards/fridge. Thank you so much.

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Emilie, Berlin

Abby, USA

Carine made clean eating incredibly effortless. The shopping list is already there (no more time spent scratching my head about what I should buy) and the meals take maximum 15 min to prepare. Thanks to Carine's clean eating recipes I lost 2 kilos in 2 weeks without going hungry at any point and I didn't even have the middle of the night craving due to my baby still waking up at night. Last but not least: the recipes are so yummy!

Success! The Ultimate Clean Eating Binder

If you've ever been looking for losing weight and hoping to prepare your own easy and tasty meals using real food this clean eating binder will be the ebook for you!

Carine Claudepierre

About the Author

For years I was craving sugar for much of the day. I felt tired every day, got diagnosed with pre-diabetes and was stuck with extra post pregnancy pounds that I couldn’t get rid of. It was time to get my routines changed and I knew that cutting out on processed food was the solution. So, I started to design my own clean eating guide where I listed all my recipe ideas, clean eating shopping list, meal plan, and personal goal tracker and more. I quickly figured out that being organised with weekly meal plan, ready-to-go shopping list and recipes was making clean eating super easy for my all family. In only 6 months, I reversed my pre-diabetes, lost the extra pregnancy weight and felt so much happier. Seriously, this clean eating guide has been a total life saver for me. When I realized that many other people were having the same problems I decided to create a printable version of my personal guide in hopes that it could help others achieve the same results.

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